About Uruguay

Uruguay offers great opportunities for any individual or investor seeking new horizons. Known as "the Switzerland of the Americas", Uruguay is a tourist and investment destination, and a natural paradise. It has extensive beaches of very fine sands, where it is possible to experience the peace of nature and enjoy a scenery of unparalleled beauty. Uruguay is a virgin land, with a great potential for growth. Its soils are suitable for cattle farming, agriculture, forestry and citrus growing, and meet all the requirements of world-class farming.

Thanks to its strategic location, export destinations are conveniently close. Its location and infrastructure allow for the concentration and distribution of goods to the wealthiest regions in South America. For this purpose, Uruguay has an extensive road network that connects the whole country, and is connected to Brazil by four highways, and to Argentina by three international bridges. Also, Montevideo, the capital of the country, boasts the deepest harbor in the River Plate basin, and the only one on the Atlantic coast that operates under a ‘free port regime.’ The country’s deep-water ports facilitate maritime trade, are unique in South America and boast a first-rate infrastructure.

Uruguay has a skilled, relatively low-cost workforce that offers top-notch services and labor for all industries.

Its attractive cities and old, picturesque villages where the past is still intact in the streets, squares, and buildings, as well as its people, the warmth of its citizens, and the incredibly beautiful beaches, make Uruguay a safe destination, perfect for investing, discovering, or relocating.

Uruguay is a democratic republic, and a politically stable country, an example of tranquility, prosperity and safety. It is the second least corrupted country in Latin America, only behind Chile, with a literacy rate of over 95%, and the highest number of university graduates and students in the continent, the most robust communication network in South America, and a transparent legal system with strong respect for private property and the banking sector.

Uruguay is also a synonym of unparalleled, pristine nature, with completely virgin areas, unique beaches, and 500 km of coast over the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

The country offers high quality of life, temperate weather and a pleasant environment. In order to foster development and economic growth, Uruguay offers several highly competitive incentives, such as free zones, free international ports and airports, a temporary admission system, as well as export financing and indirect tax rebates. These incentives allow investors to access taxation, logistical and financial benefits. Uruguay is a country with many options for outward growth, capturing investment and promoting its exports to the rest of the world.