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    Full advisory for any investment or business you may want to undertake in Uruguay
  • Efficacy and Professionalism
    One of the most exclusive boutique real estate firms in Punta del Este

A good investment

Mc Nutt is the starting point of a first good investment and the opening of new roads. With our support, the experience of buying/selling in Uruguay takes on a new meaning. We see our customers as people in search of better horizons, unique opportunities and good investments. We rely on trust as our guiding principle. Mc Nutt is committed to providing all the support you require to successfully undertake the business and/or investment you seek in Uruguay.

Property search

Real Estate Operations

Although we have the infrastructure of a real estate firm, rather than providing only traditional services we offer a comprehensive search of the property desired.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

We offer full advisory services, from legal, accounting, administrative and financial support to Relocation Services.

Investment Dossiers

Updated information to guarantee the success of your investment.

Relocation Services

In our company you will find a solution to all your relocation needs.

Efficacy and Professionalism

Considered as one of the most exclusive boutique real estate firms in Punta del Este, Mc Nutt offers the best real estate advisory services to ensure the efficacy and safety of any investment or business you may wish to undertake in Uruguay. Our team of professional advisors has ample experience in property management and extensive expertise in the real estate industry. Mc Nutt offices are strategically located in the geographical area of your property (or prospective property), and is available to solve any kind of claim or issue, as required.


We have started with our branch in Bolivia, our representative has 20 years of experience in the country in agricultural investments, real estate and in the development of condominiums and closed neighborhoods.

We can advise you throughout the business process that you want to undertake by recommending the best professionals at each stage and thus be able to make your purchase a success. Our representative Marcelo Cancela, is located in Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Barrio Equipetrol.