Real Estate Operations

Although we have the infrastructure of a real estate firm, rather than providing only traditional services, at McNutt we offer a comprehensive search of the property desired, so that the client does not need to resort to different real estate agents. We take care of everything, using adequate screening and control methods, thus limiting interactions only to our team, who will find what you are looking for making the process very enjoyable and pleasant for you. We provide legal and fiscal support, financial consultancy on valuation, price negotiation, taxation, and the preparation and review of sale contracts.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

At McNutt we offer support for any investment or business you may wish to undertake in Uruguay. We offer full advisory services, from legal, accounting, administrative and financial support to Relocation Services. These services help make your investment a transparent, easy and safe process, avoiding potential pitfalls. Our team of advisors has international experience and strong expertise in property management, so all your needs will be managed and validated by licensed professionals.

Legal Advice

We offer comprehensive legal advice for any service you may wish to hire. Our company ensures that any purchase, refurbishment work or activity you undertake in Uruguay complies with the applicable legal provisions, by providing all the information you may require. So, if anything goes wrong, clients have, in advance, the appropriate contractual remedy to correct the issue, and the appropriate legal counsel to ensure the timely execution of contracts and the enforcement of penalties and fines when necessary.

Investment Dossiers

Clients can request our investment dossier service. Our dossiers contain the latest information on issues such as what regions of Uruguay are experiencing upward trends, where it is safer to invest, and upon request, on any topic that is of special interest to you.

Property Management

At McNutt we manage your property efficiently. This includes the connection of all utilities: electricity, water, telephone, pay TV, the hiring of security services and the payment of all services, as well as of all taxes levied on your property. You will receive a monthly statement with details of your payments and all relevant receipts. Whether you are here to work or on vacation, you can be confident that you will enjoy the whole process, without any worries, such as attempting to have electricity or water re-connected during a long weekend.

Construction Works Administration and Oversight

We provide international oversight services for construction and refurbishment works. We will recommend the right architectural and construction firms to suit your construction needs and draw up all required contracts. Our services are focused mainly on ensuring contractors’ compliance with applicable labor laws and regulations as well as taxation in general. Additionally, we will manage all aspects of construction, strictly overseeing all areas, and ensuring that everything is conducted in a professional and transparent manner, and generating bimonthly reports, saving you the stress and dissatisfaction that usually arises from managing construction works abroad.

Landscaping and interior decorating

We also provide the same services for the design and execution of inner roads, parks and gardens, terraces, decks, lighting, and garden furniture. Also, we manage the decoration of your home, from providing project alternatives to buying the furniture, home appliances, and everything you may need in your property. We will make sure you enjoy this process, providing you with advice on where to buy (or buying for you) choosing the best prices and quality, and in every case adapting to your taste, demands and budget.

Relocation, Visas and Residency

At our company you may get information on the best schools for your children, the agenda of cultural and social events, health, life and property insurance, household services, pet care, restaurants, wines, personal shoppers, security firms, vehicle sales and rentals, transport, and document translation. In a nutshell, we can solve for you anything you may need quickly and at an affordable cost. We also offer comprehensive information on the various types of visas required, and we can handle your residency application process if you choose to request it. We will ensure it is a friendly process for you and your family.